Would Local by Flywheel Affect Other Locally Hosted Servers on the Same Mac?

Some background information:

  • I use Local by Flywheel to develop Wordpress sites.
  • I use the terminal on my Mac to run a Node.js environment when developing Node.js apps.

Up until just recently, I’ve always used my Mac terminal to run my local environment on port 3000 (localhost:3000). Though, after installing Local by Flywheel and using it for about 5 days when developing Wordpress sites, all of a sudden my Node.js app cannot successfully submit POST requests.

When I submit a form, it just buffers and buffers. When I check my Node.js logs, it acts like the form was never submitted.

So my question is, would Local by Flywheel somehow affect my other localhost server (they are never running at the same time)?

It may have nothing to do with what I’m experiencing, but I’m trying to narrow down what might be happening because I have no idea what’s going on.

Any ideas would be a ton of help!


It turns out this had nothing to do with Local by Flywheel. I didn’t realize this, but Google limits the number of times you use the same password. For testing purposes, I had always used the same password, but it turns out that won’t work from now on.

When I reached the limit, (I mentioned this above) Google doesn’t allow the form submission to complete. It only allows a successful submission if the password is COMPLETELY different, it doesn’t work if you add “2” at the end.

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