Unable to run update for 2.0.6

I tried about 10 times to update local via the built in update mechanism.

The download works fine, than it “Quit and Install” (or similar).
Local quits but never reopens.
When I start local again - it’s the same context again “Update available”.

I am on Local 2.0.4 on Mac.

Any idea what I could do?
Is it save to just get the new version from the link above and replace the app in my application folder or could I loose files/miss updates for dependencies?

The automatic update mechanism seems like a very nice idea - but I could do with a manual download too if that is necessary.

2.0.4 works nicely - I just try to stay up to date.

Thanks for providing Local by Flywheel

Hi ,

First i would export all the sites you have in 2.0.4 to be sure you have a backup.
Then you can just download the 2.0.6 mac version from the link here in the forum.
just drag and drop in your application folder and start local everything should be fine also you will still have all your sites.
But just in case if somehing goes wrong you still have the exported sites.


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Hi @ibes,

Thanks for staying up to date!

Please see Error While Updating

Clay, I’m having the same problem. Happened with the update from 2.0.4 to 2.0.6. I find it is way, way, way easier just to download the new version to update.