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Pull/push only database

I really like being able to pull/push my sites to WPEngine through Local. However, I rarely need to transfer files–just the database. I prefer my sftp workflow for files. Still, Local takes a while to generate the file list, which I then need to uncheck. And even if I do want to pull a file, it is very difficult to navigate through the file tree to find the ones I want.
But mainly, please turn off file transfers as a default and let me opt in if/when I ever need to transfer files.

It might be a nice addition to allow a toggle of some sort for “Database Only” in the Connect settings. I’m aware that you can un-check all the files and choose “Include Database” to get the database updates only, but perhaps if the user choses: “Database Only” then the extra MagicSync wait time might be avoided and allow users to get right at the database.

Hello @EmpireOfLight and @colorful-tones -

Thank you both for your ideas - there’s been talk of this feature in other threads & I’ll be sure to note this back to the Local development team again.

Sam :woman_technologist:t3:

I don’t use Local to push/pull the files in my site. I prefer to use sftp for that.

However, when I push/pull my sites, Local automatically begins generating a list of all the files in my site. That’s a ton of nested directories and file lists, and it takes a long time (I just counted 15 seconds on my last test before the list was generated.)

Furthermore, if there is a specific file I want to push/pull, it is very difficult to locate it.

Can the folks who make this amazing piece of software make it even better by having “Include Files” be an opt-in checkbox, like “Include Database” currently is? So that if I want to push/pull files, I check that box, and only then does Local begin generating the list.

Thanks for taking the time to consider this request.

I would love there to be a way to use the WPEngine Connect feature but only pull the database from a WPEngine site and nothing else.

This would be useful if I were working on a develop branch and only wanted the current database to be updated without overriding any of my local development changes.

Thanks so much!

Can we have database only push/pull when using Connect To Flywheel?

+1 on this

one of our client’s site has a huge number of media files and fetching this whenever we just want to push/pull the db causes a major slowdown since it won’t let me untick “all files” until they’ve all been listed


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Hi @longpvo - thank you for the feature request!

I have passed this thread along to the Local development team.

That does sound like a super helpful feature. We appreciate you!

Sam :woman_technologist:t3:

Hello @EmpireOfLight, @colorful-tones & all -

I spoke with the Local development team and this is on the list of future improvements in an upcoming sprint.

I will keep you all updated as I receive more information and consolidate a few other feature requests here to keep it all in one place.

Thank you,

Sam :woman_technologist:t3:

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