Pull Recreates Deleted Files

When pulling from Flywheel, previously deleted local files are recreated, even though they don’t exist remotely. And since they’re recreated locally, they end up back on remote when pushed again. Totally trashing my file structure. Is there anyway to stop this?

I’m referring to Wordpress core files and theme folders:

  • license.txt
  • readme.html
  • wp-config-sample.php
  • wp-content/themes/twentyfifteen
  • wp-content/themes/twentyseventeen
  • wp-content/themes/twentysixteen

Hi @bigskillet,

I’ve logged this on our issue tracker. Thanks for the heads up!

license.txt and readme.html will most likely stay but we’ll make sure that any unused default themes are removed along with wp-config-sample.php.

May I ask why you’ll continue to recreate the license.text and readme.html files? I also noticed that those files are recreated when updating WP via Local.


Local uses WP-CLI for a few tasks including upgrading and installing WordPress. All WordPress zips include the license.txt and readme.html files.

I also noticed when updating WP via the Local app, it recreates the wp-config-sample.php if it’s been deleted. Another WP-CLI include I assume…

Yup, that’s correct.

I see that push/pull is still recreating deleted theme folders. You mentioned fixing that, but is that even possible considering WP-CLI is creating those?

Right now Local attempts to delete them if the site didn’t originally have them when pulling.

Is this still happening with 2.2.3?

Yes, still happening with 2.2.3.

Got it. I’ve made a new issue in our tracker to take a closer look into this.

I’ve noticed this too, I thought I was going mad… :grinning:

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