Pulling sites from Flywheel into Local is overwriting/redirecting unrelated projects in Local

So I just went to pull down a old project from Flywheel into Local (ver 2.4.5). When I attempt to open the wp-admin page for the site in Local, I was “redirected” to another a random, unrelated project in Local.

IT GETS BETTER: The site that it “redirects” me to was not even running in Local. Looking at the actual directory for the project in question confirms my worst nightmare - the actual site content has been overwritten with content from a totally unrelated project. AWESOME.

FWIW, the wp-admin pages for affected sites now appear like this:

These two above are displaying the site content for the other.

I’ve opened a ticket but would appreciate hearing from others if anyone haslived through this sort of thing.

We’ve had the exact same problem, on 2 different machines. It’s pretty catastrophical!