Push and Pull log

As I have been working from home more lately, I am pushing and pulling on 2 different computers.

I had a situation where I lost track of if I’d pulled today, so did not know if the latest version was on my local machine or on the server!

It would be good if there was some kind of log with time/date of all the pushes and pulls on each site.


Hey @rubious, if you’re working on a site that’s part of an Organization, you should be able to check the org’s Activity feed to determine this. That said, there’s a known bug with this and the activity feed isn’t populating with push/pull data at the moment. This is on our list to fix in the next couple weeks.
For now, you can chat with Flywheel support and they can pull those logs for you.

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Just so you know, the org activity feed doesn’t actually mention which sites people are doing stuff to. So it says things like “Shaun enabled Privacy mode, Shaun queued a backup, Shaun flushed the cache” but there’s no mention of what site it was done one!

Hey @rubious, we’re working on a fix for this! Activity feed will be getting a lot more useful this month.

@flyjack has this been resolved? And would this become a feature outside of organizations?

Org activity feeds display push/pull activity now. This isn’t available outside of orgs just yet, but we’re thinking about a better longterm solution for notifications/alerts :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your response! If/when there’s a beta release I would love to test it out.