Pushing large local site live

I have a local site which is 850mg and modified using local v6.3.1+5826 on a Mac, and now wish to push it to override and replace my wordpress live site. I followed Zac Gordons video to push local site live. I followed his instruction to download the ‘all in one WP Migration’ plug in, however I soon ran into problems as the local site is over 850mg and the plug in to migrate has a migration size limit. All in one WP migration offers a pro version to expand the limit, but charges for this and as I probably will not use it again, I would like to avoid extra expense. I then got in touch with my hosting site (GreenGeeks) who gave me instructions to transfer the file via FTP. I transferred the file to the wp-content folder in the remote side of FileZilla ftp. When I go to my live WP site I cannot seem to find it. Do I have to change the file name for it to override the live site? I am a little lost, if anyone can help, I can send screen shots of FZ page and file name of the file I am trying to push live.

Many thanks

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