Recover site after Lightning re-install

How would i go about recovering a site developed in Lightning 5.0.4 after having to re-install Local Lightning?

Hey @gavinwatts, can you give us a little more context about what happened?

Updating or reinstalling shouldn’t remove any of the site folders or data from the computer on its own, so maybe there’s something else at play here.

Also, is this PC/Mac/Linux? On a Mac, I can attest that uninstalling and reinstalling shouldn’t have any effect on the sites in Local but for other Operating Systems we’ll need to investigate a bit more.

Hi Matt,

I am running Windows 10 fully updated on a x64 processor.
The problem started when i tried to migrate a site I developed on Lightning to my local hosting provider. There was a mismatch in SQL versions with the hosting provider having an older version which is not getting updated soon. I re-installed Lightning to see if it gave me a choice around which version of SQL to use but it did not.

My folder is still on my hard drive in exactly the same place but the fresh install does not see it and will not import it.

Thank you for your response.

Thanks for that, it does help clarify what happened.

Since the site is not popping back up in Local after reinstalling it, we’ll have to try to import the site into local. If you have the backup/export from your attempt to move the site to your hosting provider, the best bet may be to drag and drop that into Local to spin up a new copy of the site.

There’s a good chance that the reason your provider had trouble importing the SQL database is because of the collation that MySQL 8 uses by default. Check out this response from @clay in another post. It may be the key to getting your database to a state that you can import it.