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Replace existing site via import

Often it’s been weeks or months since I last worked on a site locally when I’m called upon to do some new troubleshooting on a site offline.

By this point I know my local install is grossly out of sync with “live”. So what I usually do is:

  1. Go to WPE, generate a new backup and generate a ZIp
  2. Download that zip.
  3. Delete the existing site (which in turn messes up a few things like .git and build tooling)
  4. Import the zip
  5. Restore the .git folder and build tooling

It’s kind of a pain… and no “sync from WPE” doesn’t work because it conflicts with our normal team workflows using git. Further, WPE’s permissions to use that are stupid and don’t work on our customers’ accounts without jumping through needless hoops to get that permission approved by non-technical folks who don’t have a clue what we’re asking for .

I imagine I’m not alone in wanting this, but it would be super awesome if there was a simple way to drag a zip ONTO an existing site and import over the top of it, just updated files and the DB, without typing out .git or .node_modules or vendor folders etc.

Similarly, ability to drag and SQL file into local and directly update a local site (including a new search and replace if necessary). Don’t make me go to shell, wp db import, wp search-replace… it’s a frequent pain point that could be easily avoided