Resolved - Remove SSL Redirects

I downloaded Local to test it out, but it seems to have changed some configure files. I have created an example site, and have trusted an SSL cert for the domain, afterward, everything seemed fine, but I use .dev tlds for MAMP development environment. But now all vhosts that end with the .dev tld are being forced to HTTPS.

I have looked through all my apache, nginx and php conf files I could find on my Mac with no luck of finding and disabling this redirect, also there are not any .htaccess files in any of the parent folders at all. I have followed the How do I uninstall Local on macOS? article as well as running the app through AppCleaner with no luck at all of getting any success in removing this redirect.

I know it’s not a MAMP issue as I have other tlds for other projects, I there anything I can do on my end to help fix this issue.

Edit: Issue resolved - Google started forcing HTTPS on .dev domains in a recent update.

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