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Troubleshooting SSL ERR_CERT_INVALID on Local v6.4.1

Hi all,

Local v6.4.1 is rolling out to users this week after successful Beta testing. There are several goodies to check out in there, including a fix for untrusted SSL issues that users have been experiencing. A huge thank you to the users who helped us test things out, many of them over in the thread here - Trust SSL certificates in 6.3.1 - #50 by emmtre.

In testing, users noticed the fix in Local v6.4.1 was working well for newly created sites, but sites created in previous versions could still experience issues trusting SSL or result in an ERR_CERT_INVALID error when opening in Chrome. If this happens to you, here are some steps for resolving that on your sites:

  1. Navigate to your Library/Application Support folder in your user directory
  2. Local stores certificates here: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Local/run/router/nginx/certs
  3. If your site is experiencing the issue, you can delete the certificate from this folder and then regenerate (“Trust”) the certificate from the Local UI.
  4. If it is happening to more than one site or this is tedious, you can delete the entire certs folder and Local will handle recreating the folder again.

Shoutout to @emmtre for the suggestion on the fix. I will work with our help docs team to get this added to our SSL information - Managing a Local site’s SSL certificate in macOS - Local

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