Restarting a site

This is probably a stupid question, but I’m new to Local.

(I’m on Windows 11, with a Ryzen and 16GB of memory, using Edge if that’s of any use.)

I exported one of my existing sites.

I then imported the site into a new one but became confused at the mechanism for doing this.

I then deleted the new site - telling local not to send the files to the recycling bin.

I then tried to do the import again, using the same name for the new site.

However. I’m getting error messages about the path already containing data from the site when created previously.

Is there any way I can purge the site completely so I can start over with it?


Hi @dave70

If you want to import a site that was previously in Local you’ll want to make sure that the Local site is deleted (Right Click, Delete) and that the Host’s File gets updated. Usually Local does this automatically and may give you a password prompt unless something is blocking Local from updating.

Hi Nick-B

Many thanks for that. It worked. I’m probably doing this the hard way - I have the two sites (say, A and B) and I can now export A and create B from the export okay. My only issue is that - while I understand that I have to go through B and alter stuff (like names, users, media links and so on) - B creates perfectly, but sometimes A (even though the site has not been started) needs a little tweaking to get it back up and running (it loses some info after I’ve created B).
It’s not a worry, but after I’ve created B, A seems in some way cross linked to it. But getting there!
Many thanks - problem sorted


If this is a workflow you’re planning to use in the future (making clones of a site) you might consider creating a blueprint. More details on this here:

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