Reuse an Local by Flywheel WordPress Site Without Having First Exported It

I would like to continue work on my existing Local by Flywheel Wordpress web site but I did not export it.

Recently my Local by Flywheel hosting environment crashed. I ended up have to install Oracle’s VirtualBox v6.x software, because Windows 10 (probably as a result of a recent security patch) prevented my previously installed VBox v5.x application from running. This causes all sorts of problems. As of now, I managed to get Local by Flywheel to run again, although at times I need to do this from within VBox.

With L by F running, when I click on any site I receive the following message: “Uh-oh! The requested site ID does not exist in Local.” After closing the error message, L by F commences “checking system.” It tries to regenerate the Docker machine TLS certificates, but this does not seem to succeed. I am stuck with being unable to open any WordPress web site. Unfortunately, for the one that I need to access, I did not export the file.


How do I rebuild the site if I were to create a new WP site. I can write over the newly created site, I suspect I will need to alter some configuration file paths.

Where is the underlying database contained my existing site? I see a ‘sql’ directory directly below the site’s ‘app’ directory, and it contains many SQL files. However, a large majority of them pertain to some of the WP plugins used in the site.

Which configuration files will I need to alter for the newly created WordPress site?

L by F is no longer supported. I downloaded Local Lightening a while ago. This is the newly supported Local WP local hosting application, and it runs natively in Windows. No need for a VM. However, when I imported WP site that I had exported from L by F (i.e., the VM version of Local), I ran into issues and was unable to properly load the imported site.

Now that L by F is no longer supported and given the TLS certificates problem, I want to use Local Lightening exclusively. So, the previous ‘migration’ questions apply here, too.

Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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