Run commands before push/after pull to flywheel

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is any way to hook into the push to flywheel or pull from flywheel functionality and run ssh command line statements.

For instance sometimes I need to run wp search-replace to update URL’s in custom HTML Gutenberg blocks and it’s cumbersome and error prone to have to remember to do it before every push. I’m hoping maybe there is a back-end batch file that I might be able to add some statements in.

Is this customization possible in flywheel local?

This is still a need, I need to hook into some events in flywheel local and execute various custom commands.

  • Before Push
  • After Push
  • Before Pull
  • After Pull

A feature very similar to the pre build/post build command line events in Visual Studio. Is there something like a build configuration template in the flywheel local files I can modify to add custom commands?