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How do I search the database for some specific value? I have tried to find a way in Sequel Pro and Adminer. I don’t know what table the value is stored in, so I need to search the entire database. Sequel Pro cannot do this kind of search and Adminer just will not find it.

Hi @vayu,

Are you searching for contents of a page, or something like a setting/customisation?


Could be either, the point that I am trying to get at, is how to search all tables in Sequel Pro or Adminer? This is possible to do in phpMyAdmin. I just do’t understand why this cannot be done in those other two applications? Or can it?


Sequel Pro has a search bar at the top of the Content view of any table…

Hope that helps.

Thanks, I know. But that is not useful if there are 100 tables, and I don’t know which one to search. Even worse if I don’t know which table or field. I am looking for a global search, like in phpMyAdmin.


Have you tried MySQL Workbench’s search functionality? See

Here’s the link to download MySQL Workbench:

To connect to the database using MySQL Workbench, enter the details provided under the site’s MySQL tab in Local.

No, I have not tried Workbench. I will give it a try. Thanks

I haven’t used Workbench in awhile, but to chime in, I created a web site in Local named phpmyadmin.local where I have phpMyAdmin in a /pma directory with the various databases configured. It’s sort of a ghetto solution, but I like phpMyAdmin’s ability to search across multiple tables (I develop a huge multisite Locally with many tables - impossible to find anything).

It’s the only thing that I use PMA for, else I use Sequel Pro.

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