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Security of my local website

Dear Community member

I want to secure my site which shows connection not secure icon. This site had been restored by Updraftplus plugin in wordpress but I am not able to login into wordpress due to its insecurity. Can anyone help me for fixing the problem.
Thanks a lot,


Hey @aquil – Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

I’ve moved this topic to the “WordPress Questions” category since the “Bug” category is more for wide-spread, reproducible issues – Let’s see what’s going on and how we can help you!

Basically, the lock you see in the browser address bar is the browser letting you know that the connection to the site isn’t happening over HTTPS, it’s happening only over regular HTTP.

This help doc has more info about SSL, as well as the things you need to do within Local to get the site running over HTTPS:

Let us know if you have any other questions, otherwise, have a great day!