Shortcut not found

Hey guys!

I’m new here and i’ve discover today about the Flywheel at my work.
So i tried to install on my pc at home, to know more about this tool, once i want to begin a blog and a podcast soon.

But, when i start the installer (the up-to-date version or the outdated version), it seems to start but the progress fail before done and show the message that the Local by Flywheel.exe file was not found, like in the pics below:

I really want to use this tool, because it looks so damn easy and practical to use, especially because i’m not a programmer xD.

So, can you, guys, help me out?
Thx o/

(btw, the errors is in portuguese, but i think that won’t be an obstacle)

Hey @albertoppf, I would recommend completely uninstalling Local as a start. This will delete all your Local sites. You can right-click Export sites first if you need to back them up before uninstalling Local. Once that’s done, retry install Local, but when you open the .exe installer, open it directly from the Downloads folder and try right-click “Run as Admin”. Did that help?