SimpleDockerUI - See behind the scenes

I have been looking further into docker, and thought this might be useful for some folks.

  1. Download the “Simple Docker UI” Desktop app from

  1. I symbolically linked docker and docker-machine into /usr/local/bin (which is on my $PATH) for convenience.

    cd /usr/local/bin
    ln -s "/Applications/Local by"
    ln -s “/Applications/Local by”

  2. In a terminal execute
    $> eval $(docker-machine env local-by-flywheel)

  3. In the same terminal
    $> open /Applications/SimpleDockerUI



Next trick… I’m now running Jenkins in a docker container alongside LbF.

Now is it going to be worth trying to get some integration between the two, and how?

  1. Run jenkins in a LbF site?
    a pros - distribution via blueprint
    b cons - not worth the effort, and you only need one (LbF is suited to Multiple variations on a theme for which it beats the competition e.g. several concurrent versions of a website, while migrating from PHP5 to PHP7)
  2. Write or ask for an add-on to open SimpleDockerUI (button/menuitem)
  3. Write an add-on for integration with LbF <-> Jenkins features - e.g. run tests
    a Jenkins to find and run stuff inside LbF site containers - e.g. run test suite
    b Jenkins to control LbF - snapshot a site, duplicate site run tests and delete the site

Go LbF!


This is cool! What kinds of pipelines have you experimented creating?

– Ben

I’m just getting started! - Gotta love your job title. I think mine would be technical debt collector.