Site files are missing in Local App

Issue Summary

Public folder for a couple of Local sites are empty. When I view ‘site folder’ there is nothing inside public/ folder. In the database tab, I’m seeing Unable to find DB_HOST in app/public/wp-config.php

Troubleshooting Questions

  • Does this happen for all sites in Local, or just one in particular?
    This is only the case for a couple of similar sites (both using the same import files).

  • Are you able to create a new, plain WordPress site in Local and access it in a Browser?


Not sure what I did. The only thing I can think of is I was doing some disk cleanup the other day but pretty sure I did not delete anything important. I just went through the recycle bin for anything that looked related and restored anything close but still, the site files appear to be missing or have huge gaps in them.

System Details

Question for the Community

Aside from me inadvertently deleting these files, is there a reason why local would scrub some of these files? Could they be elsewhere? I deleted Temp files from my C Drive. Would there be some connection between where Local stores/accesses site files and any Temp folders on the drive?

Is there some kind of restore/backup feature available in Local?

Really upset I lost these files :frowning:


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