Site import appears to have restored an older version of my website

Hi there, I’m hoping someone can help because I’m feeling pretty demoralised right now.

I was experiencing an issue which wasn’t allowing me to open the website that I am currently working on (Error establishing database connection) - I followed the instructions in this help article: [RESOLVED] "Error establishing a database connection" to try and resolve the problem. (I created a zip file of the site directory and then imported that zip file into Local to force it to rebuild everything and fix the issue, as per the instructions).

On the face of it, this seemed to work - I am now able to open up my site again. However, it seems to have restored a really old version of the website. I have spent HOURS tweaking it since this version, and it appears that all of that work is now lost. There are whole pages missing or in an older ‘state’.

I created the zip file only moments before importing the site to Local again - so I’m really confused as to how it has restored such an old version of my site. Unfortunately this isn’t my main job, so I’m definitely no expert and I’m struggling to figure out what has gone wrong.

Any help would be much appreciated.

EDIT: In case it helps, the website has been built using the Divi Theme Builder.

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