Site NOT Appearing After Power Failure

Hi, I have made a website on LocalWP (around 350 articles written so far) but today as soon as I started LocalWP environment, suddenly power failure happened. Upon the restore of electricity, there was a windows update and now there is no website showing on the LocalWP.
Windows 10 Home edition.
Latest version of LocalWP

I have checked Local folder and I have all the files in the website folder.

Local>WebsiteName> 1. App, 2. Conf, 3. Logs
App>1. Public (having all wp-content etc folder)
2. SQL (having a single SQL file) (11.5 KB)

Hi @AsadAli1234

If you can physically locate the files you can zip them back up together and import back into Local using the steps here:

To save your future work we encourage you to use a feature like our Cloud Backups add on or export the site at intervals and save a copy somewhere.

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