Site on WPEngine - thinks it is Flywheel - sites.json data is missing/incorrect

Issue Summary

I have created numerous sites on WPEngine and have migrated/managed these sites without an issue until this one. It is a multi-site and is running on WPEngine at the moment. Everything is working fine and we are going through the testing phases. When we pulled down the site into localWP (v5.10.3) it did not see it as a multi-site. We were able to fix this by updating the sites.json file with this line:

“multiSite”: “ms-subdomain”

BUT, now that we did that it thinks the site is hosted on Flywheel?!?! It will no longer allow us to push/pull to WPEngine and is missing data in the “hostConnections” value in the sites.json file. Which, I am just assuming is where it decides what type of site this is.

So the main questions are:

  1. Why does it not recognize it as a multi-site?
  2. Why does it think the site came from Flywheel and not WPEngine? (This site USED to be on Flywheel but has been on migrated to WPEngine)


I have gone through removing the installation and trying it over again 3 times, with the same outcome. I also had WPEngine check on the multi-site settings on their end, and they cannot find any issue with it. Since Flywheel originally adds some code to the wp-settings file I also re-installed the WordPress Core to make sure those things were gone.

System Details

  • Which version of Local is being used?

  • What Operating System (OS) and OS version is being used?
    MacOS, BigSur 11.2.3

local-lightning.log (119.2 KB)

I just received another notification back from WPEngine stating:

“…WPEngine connect option does not support the pushing or pulling of multisites. This functionality may become available in the future but there is no current timeline for when this might happen. You can still use multisite locally of course, but pushing and pulling with the WPEngine connect function is not currently supported.”

So it looks like you can physically pull the site but you will need to go through and manually update the database values and sites.json multisite value. Might be easier to manage via Migrate DB but at least I have an answer now.

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