Site stuck in "Loading"

For those of you who upgraded to 8.0.1, what was the version of Local that you were coming from? Was it 7.2.1?

In 8.0.0, we upgraded Electron 25, which meant upgrading node. I don’t know if it’s related, but as part of the node upgrade we had to add support for IPv6.

I don’t have an answer for why this was happening, but a couple of observations / questions:

  • Observation: Many of you fixed this by disabling Instant Reload. That would seem to point to a networking issue with Local’s Router and how the browser connects to the Instant Reload process (browsersync) and finally how browsersync connects to the WP site.

  • Question: For the sites that were affected, were you using HTTPS? In @mattrosebcc 's screenshot, it looks like the address bar is using regular HTTP, but I wanted to double check

  • Question: Did anyone experience this with localhost router mode?

  • Observation: The fact that multiple “switches” to/from apache seemed to work, I wonder if there is something related to a lingering site process that isn’t allowing the browser to connect to the actual site. Switching between apache/nginx a few times would likely clear out and kill any lingering processe, but I’m not sure why those processes would still exist.