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Sites suddenly very slow on Apple M1 / Silicon MacBook Pro

Have you tried changing the TLD from .local to something like .test?

When I was unable to get the TLD working I tried .test and .dev but nothing would work so I gave up and used localhost mode. Works now but then I am in a different networking environment.

I am having the same issue. It worked really fast for about a day and then it slowed way down. About 15 seconds to load a page to well over 1 minute.

I set up the SSL, but that didn’t help and it only works in the front end. I can’t login to admin with https:.

I tried to turn off wifi, and the https: page css is all messed up, and the http: page constantly reloads in a never ending load. With wifi back on, this behavior goes away.

I change the TLD to .test.

I am on a Mac running OSX 12.4.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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