Sophos Anti-Virus detects adware. Any ideas?

Just downloaded app from getflywheel,com, unzipped, launched and got this message

“Adware or PUA detected …”

Sophos doesn’t like file local-adminer.php.

The issue can be resolved by adding this file into exceptions.

However, the question reminds, why does anti-virus flag it as an adware?

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

This is indeed a very pesky false positive only from Sophos as far as I know. We are looking into remedies for this :slight_smile:

Sorry for the trouble!

Hey Alex,

I think Dusty may have responded to your post on FB, but I’ll respond here in case others have this issue as well.

This gist of it is that Adminer is being flagged and it’s a most definitely a false positive. The team is working on a fix, but needless to say, there is no need for any worry.


Before reading this thread, I had prepared the following in regard to this issue.

During the install of the app, Sophos Home, my antivirus program, generated an alert flagging the "potentially unwanted application, Adminer Database Manager," /Applications/Local by'.

I inadvertently hit the Sophos Home "clean" button when I meant to add the app as an exception. The result was that the install completed but, when I started the Local app, it was corrupted. I deleted the app and AppCleaner found two files created by the app so it was a complete removal. I unzipped a fresh copy of the app and installed it successfully.

When I saw the alert, I misread it and thought it was ad malware when I know better as I have Adminer running on my own site. Formerly named phpMinAdmin, Adminer is a database management tool written in PHP.

Adding an exception in an antivirus program is pretty straightforward and I think it can be done when the install halted. I assume that the install would then proceed.

I also encountered the same issue. T-Rave helped me debug it on Twitter, but I figured I should leave a comment here to add another voice to this topic. For me, MacOS made it impossible to run the installer because of this, saying the app was damaged. I didn’t even connect the two things (Sophos and the error) until I did it a second time. Here’s a screenshot:

In order to run the installer, I had to go into Sophos dashboard and whitelist that specific file.

Hope this helps anyone else running into this, and that y’all can find a solution :slight_smile:
Thanks for making Local!! I’m super excited to give it a try!

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“Local by”

is the file that you have to exempt in Sophos dashboard and then the install works.

Thanks Hugo