After installing Local by Flywheel my Mac boock is infected

When installing your application on my Mac you have recovered my administrator passwords and all of my keychain. I note that following this, several software considered as malware have been installed on my machine. it’s strange, is not it?


Local by Flywheel requests your administrative password to perform tasks such as updating the hosts file and installing VirtualBox.

The password prompt is a native macOS prompt that Local has no access to. The only response Local receives is whether or not you entered your credentials.

With that said, are you running anti-virus? If so, can you please provide the warnings/notices you are seeing about Local?

Thank you for answering.

No I don’t have a permanent antivirus, I don’t really see the utility on Mac OS.

On the other hand, after installing Local by Flywheel, I noticed that a certain number of web sites had obtained incoming connections without my consent and without my knowledge. For example a Netgear app named install4j.1381-5408-0515-7060.18, I do not know what it’s for and I have nothing to do with Netgear…

I cleaned my Mac and everything is ok now, but I was surprised.


Interesting. The only time that you would have an incoming connection with Local is if you use the Live Links functionality.

With that said, VirtualBox creates virtual networking devices on your computer that may be recognized as an external device even though they’re not.