Ssl issues

I just started using the local WP building software, and I am trying to back up my site to blog vault, but it just gets stuck ? Any ideas?

Also, I can’t seem to figure out what is the best practice for SSL.

When installing, is it better to get the links into the secure format ( https ) in the database by default for performance reasons? If so how is that done?

This article was helpful, but did not answer my question:

I’ve never used Blog Vault, but from the screeenshot it seems like maybe it’s trying to control the Local site remotely – does that sound about right?

If that’s the case, then it likely won’t work because the Blog Vault server won’t have a way to zero in on your specific Local Site. For example, if both you and I had a site in Local that was taylorreaumecom.local, Blog Vault wouldn’t know which one it should get.

One option would be to take a backup of the site every so often by right-clicking on the site in Local and selecting “Export”. This will give you a zip that can be used to restore the site by dragging and dropping the zip onto Local.

As for the HTTPS question, you can do either protocol while developing in Local. If you are pushing the site up to WP Engine or to Flywheel, then changing thee domain is handled for you, and even if you are going to a different hosting provider, the process of updating the protocol isn’t too challenging; it’s the same as doing a search and replace for the local url with the production one!

Bottom line, Local does a pretty good job of figuring it out, so if you want to do HTTP you can, and if you want to do HTTPS, that’s good too!

Thanks Ben, that is very helpful!

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