SSL not working - Chrome 58 and Firefox - trying to set up SG-Git

Chrome is giving:

'This server could not prove that it is; its security certificate is from [missing_subjectAltName]. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection. ’

Firefox: uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is not trusted because it is self-signed. Error code: SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER

Trying to get my s**t together and set up version controlling with Siteguard GIT, staging sites and bitbucket.

Something along the lines of:

But do a write up with local instead.

Anyone got somthing like this working, any pointers would be great.

Hey Jeff,

This is caused by Chrome 58 require a SAN in the certificate. We’ll be addressing this in an upcoming update.

As far as that article goes, you should be good. Let me know if you run into any snags.

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Look forward to the update. Also had same issue with Firefox, assume it’s the same situation.

Nice one.

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