Start all button

Please could you hide this button…

We appreciate the feedback!

Is there any particular reason you want this button hidden?

It is maybe only me, but often, i start all the sites by mistake, it takes long.
But usually i’m working on one at the time…

That is clearly not a big deal, local is great!

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Makes sense!

We’ll look into adding a confirmation :slight_smile:

When, by mistake, i hit this it takes for hour and crash (often).
I know, i must be carefull!

Have a nice day

This button is being removed in one of the upcoming versions :slight_smile:


I will like it even more!

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Sorry to say, but i miss this button :confused: Not sure if it’s just me. I would like it back in, maybe as an optional feature if possible?

When one work with WP support on a group of sites it is good to have all the sites up and running when firing up the local server environment.

Another idea – better IMO – would be to add checkboxes in the container-list so that one can apply desired changes to multiple containers. Would this be a good thing? For example if you want to delete, stop or start multiple containers. Thoughts?

Another idea; instead of checkboxes there can be a feature to ctrl/cmd-click containers to select multiple. Thoughts?