Start-up time 6.7.2

Have you deliberately slowed down the start-up time of several web sites in the new macOS Local version 6.7.2?

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Hi @emmtre!

Definitely not deliberate on our part. Are there any other performance issues like using the front or back end or is it just the start-up time that’s the problem?

@Nick-B No performance issues other than the start-up time of multiple websites. For example if you choose to start all websites in one group via the “Start X sites” menu or select several websites and control-click them to use the “Start X sites” contextual menu. It’s like the websites are started one by one now with a pause in between and the start-up time is about 2 seconds for each website. In Local 6.7.1 and earlier versions I could start 10 websites in just 2 seconds in total. I thought it was by purpose to prevent simultaneous changes to configuration files or some other app stability improvement. No critical issue but more of an observation and question.

Hi @emmtre!

Thank you for the response and sorry for the delay!

What OS are you utilizing?

Would you also be able to share a short Loom or similar video of your workflow? I’d be happy to share with our Devs to try and gain some insight. If you’d prefer to DM it too that’s fine!

@Nick-B I’m running the latest macOS Ventura 13.4.0 and Local 6.7.2. I will send you a link to a screen recording to illustrate the start-up time now.

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Thank you for all the info @emmtre! Responded to your DM as well. We will follow up with you soon.


Hey @emmtre - great catch! Like Nick mentioned, definitely not intentional; we traced this back to an unintended side effect.

Some technical background… for our change to better support WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE, we waited on site start to confirm the database was available. We did this so we could run WP CLI commands to update wp-config. It turns out we can add a flag to skip the database check and eliminate that wait.

One of our engineers is going to spin up a build on his machine to confirm this brings speed back in line with previous releases. Thanks for keeping an eye out for us!


@austinwendt Thanks for the update. That explains it all. No major issue but nice to be able to improve. Keep up the good work!


After last update (7.0.2) for Mac with “Site start speed has been improved when selecting multiple sites and starting them simultaneously. This addresses slower performance that was introduced with Local v6.7.2. See the community discussion here.” all functionality with start & stop website went totally crazy. Even after mac restarting. When open the Local two websites are marked as “started” but they’re not. For now I don’t have a time to check what exactly goes wrong - so downgrade the LocalWP app.
Anyone have same issue after update to 7.0.2 on mac?

@hieronim.nadzieja A fix for this issue is probably coming in next release.


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