Starting first site has 10-15 second delay

I just updated to Local Beta 5.7.0+local-beta-4616 and clicking on the START SITE button takes about 10-15 seconds to start the site. Opening the second site takes about 5 seconds and opening a 3rd site is about a second.

On the whole this seems much slower than last beta.

Creating a new site and opening it first seems to be much faster.

I think I found the issue. Turning off “Instant Reload” for the site makes the site load “instantly” as before.

I there any way to keep this Pro feature off by default?

Ping @ben.turner

Hey @afragen,

We appreciate you testing Local Beta!

Instant Reload was enabled by default and we have since adjusted it to not be enabled by default.

Either way, I’m going to ping the team regarding this to look into the slowdown.


I experienced similar performance issues when I updated today, with very high CPU consumption when starting a single site – I didn’t even try with multiple. Running some plugin updates within that site caused further CPU spins, and eventually Local simply crashed and shutdown. I do not have a Pro subscription, yet the Instant Reload option is offered to me. Disabling it for that site, rebooting the machine, and restarting the site in Local seems to have returned performance and behavior to the what I saw with the previous beta.