Sync between machines with "WP Migrate"

Hi all,
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I basically gave up on the suggestions here, because they are to time demanding.

But I wondered if “WP Migrate” can be used to sync between two local installations (two computers with local on) … is considering investing in “WP Migrate” right now, both for that and for handling staggering from my “local” to my “hosting” (not using wp-engine, but pro private hosting, due to heavier demands of my clients sites).

Have been using duplicator pro for years, but this pull push future (once set up) and the integration with “local” seems amazing… haven’t tested it out yet though-

Hi @Heliotropen

While we have been exploring some additional options and features with Local + WP Migrate, I don’t think this would work or be very viable at this time. I believe that in order for this to work, you would need to have both machines up and running, Local up and running, and be signed into both installs. Regarding this and your previous post I still think that your best option would be to have a Staging option set up where you can push up to to show a site to clients, collaborate with other developers and then move it when you’re done.

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How about pushing to a staggering online domain, and then sync with the local installation on the machine I’m working on.

Can the “WP Migrate” plug-in shift between syncing from the online domain between two local installations?

So machine 1 edits on local 1, and push to the online development domain.
Machine 2 pulls the latest version from the online development domain to local 2, edits it on local 2 and push the new edit to the online version.

I’m also back at thinking of moving my online “stagger” domain to wp-engine, if I can then use the local connect thing (never tested it) to move the sites back and forth.

But this “WP Migrate” plugin sounds really interesting as well.

Right now I have to put the site live on my staggering domain to give other developers access.
I do so with duplicator, but it’s very time consuming.

If I’m out visiting customers, and is on my laptop, I have to made sure to transfer the site to the laptops local installation on beforehand… and it’s such a long process using duplicator, though it works… then when I get home, I have to remember to transfer the site to my iMac, and reinstall it in local again…

I do have other developers working on my sites as well, but they get acces to an online version.
I make sure myself, that it’s ready for them to work on. It’s not an optimal process.

I checked with our friends at Delicious Brains about workflows here and have some clearer details about what would work and what wouldn’t.

You can migrate between two Local sites on the same machine, but not between two different machines. Instead, you would need to utilize a Staging site and do something like this:

Local Machine 1 pushes from Local to Staging

Local Machine 2 pulls from Staging to Local

The key point to emphasize is that you cannot push to a Local site because it’s not visible from the Internet, so you must initiate a pull migration.

You can also do this workflow with a collaborator, but the prerequisites would be:

  1. Both Local Machines have connection information for the Staging site (available in the plugin Settings).

  2. Pull migrations are enabled on the Staging site (also available in Settings).

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That is great information!

"Local Machine 1 pushes from Local to Staging

Local Machine 2 pulls from Staging to Local"

I’m fine with this btw …

I think I’ll give the plugin a try … the alternative would be to use wp-engine as a stagger environment, with the direct connect thingy; but since the clients sites has to be hosted elsewhere, that might not be the best solution.

Nick you are super awesome, and thank you for this help!!!

PS: Sadly I just had to post a much more urgent problem as well :exploding_head:

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No problem! If you have any other questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach back out. We are always happy to help!

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So I tested wp-migrate, and it’s the perfect solution for what I wanted, is very, very impressed - it has really come a long way since I last tried it.

My next step might be to introduce some sort of version control to my sites.

But just wanted to let people know, that if they are trying to do what I wanted.
Then this is the perfect solution, this plugin might be one of the nicest once I have used yet.

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Glad to hear that @Heliotropen! Thank you for sharing the feedback here :green_heart:

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