Will using WP Engine improve my workflow?

I use local to develop sites on my iMac, and have for many years.

  1. My current workflow is that:
  • I develop the sites.
  • Migrate them to a staggering domain (all my sites are on subfolders for this same domain, hosted in the very same place).
  • When the clients are satisfied with the “minimum viable product” I migrate the site to their host.

There are several annoyances with this process.
What I would like to improve:

I wonder if steps 1-2 would be easier if I moved my staggering domain to WP Engine?

  • There is very little traffic used, only the client would visit the site, and it would be hidden from Google and such.

I haven’t worked with the built-in ability to stagger sites and such, but what options would this give me, directly from local?

Will it allow me (and other team members) to work on the sites from several macs?

Will it make it easier to work with the site back and forth, till it’s ready to get moved to the clients domain+

I won’t be changing the end hosting though!

My biggest annoyance is when I have to correct something on a clients end-site, and really needs to stagger it first to make sure it won’t break the site: right now I then manually migrate the copy back to local (which can be hell) … not sure if there is an easier way to do this?

Thank you for your tips!

Hi there @Heliotropen! :wave:

Thank you for your post and for explaining your current workflow.

  1. Have you considered using the Live Links feature to show the “minimum viable product” to clients instead of a staggering domain?

  2. As far as collaboration goes, you could set up a Git-based workflow with Local to support that. Have you considered that?

  3. Are you thinking that you would want your staggering domain to be with WP Engine because you could leverage the Local Connect feature (no need to manually migrate back and forth to Local)?

Thank you for answering these clarifying questions so we can help you through this workflow decision.


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