The host-only adapter we just created is not visible

Fatal error?
Virtualbox fix?


Can you please provide more details? Are you seeing this error in a pop-up dialog, Local’s log file, or what?

I used control alt delete to close Local by Flywheel – the entry was:
Local by Flywheel (32 bit)(3)

  1. why is it (32 bit)? Should be (64 bit) – not?
  2. why is there a (3)? Does that mean 3 instances? Does delete not delete all of Local by Flywheel?
  3. If I install Virtualbox ver 5 – without Local by Flywheel installed – it has Local by Flywheel installed.
    at least local-by-flywheel is on the left side of “Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager”
    how can that be?
    Just dumb questions – or what?

Albert Waltner - - Reno, NV

I had this issue too while installing Local on a fresh Windows.

To get rid of this error I uninstalled applications and deleted every files and folders related to Local : (remplace “you are here” by your Windows user)

  • Uninstall Local by Flywheel and Virtualbox
  • Remove .docker and .virtualbox folders in C:\Users(you are here)\
  • Remove any Local (by Flywheel) and Virtualbox related folders in C:\Users(you are here)\AppData\Roaming\
  • Remove any files in C:\Users(you are here)\AppData\Local\Temp (because why not)

Try to install Local again. I hope this will help someone.

To Clay : this appear after the installation, when Local configure the Host Machine (on the screen with Virtualbox, Host Machine and Local Image).

I did your suggestions – same result – still ends with the “suggestion” – delete+reload VirtualBox.
I did – did not work. Just a repeat of:
“The host-only adapter we just created is not visible.” – Or does not exist? Whatever – does not work.
I am registered for the Beta – one can hope?

Albert Waltner - - Reno, NV