Setup fails at Host Machine


I can’t seem to get Local to install properly. It gets through the installation of Virtualbox fine, then I get
Error Host already exists: "local-by-flywheel"
It looks like it continues to install the Host Machine but it goes no further.

I have tried deleting and re-installing and it just repeats the same.

Please help!


Sorry for the trouble!

Can you please open in /Applications then delete the ‘local-by-flywheel’ virtual machine? After that, re-open Local and attempt the installation again.

Hi Clay

I tried that but it didn’t work. I also tried deleting the visual machine and Virtualbox but still the same. I see someone else is having the same issue.

I’ve been having other issues with my Mac so decided to do a clean install of MacOS today and have now got Local by Flywheel all up and running :grinning:

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