"there is a port conflict" after Mac OS X or Xcode update from Mac Apache server

First I’ve ever seen this error using Local or the old Local by Flywheel.

It happened after updating Mac OS X to 10.15.6 and Local 5.7.4
I reverted back to 5.7.2 manually and it still happened so I manually changed back to 5.7.4
I also updated Docker and Xcode, none of these on beta releases. And the issue happens when Docker’s not running at all and I never use Xcode anyway.

I’ve been monitoring the usage of Port 80 since (so don’t have anything to compare it to from prior to my updates) but usually there’s nothing on Port 80 and this error feels wrong.

Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions?

Oddly, when I ngrok it does work but when I visit mysite.local it is 404.


Solved: It was Mac’s built-in Apache server running (maybe triggered to start via OS X update or Xcode update???)

I found it by ‘httpd’ (Apache) appearing here:
sudo lsof -i -n -P | grep TCP | grep ':80'

Then I killed it via:
sudo apachectl stop


Great job digging into this and I’m glad you got to the bottom of it!

Some alternative (but similar) commands I use when troubleshooting this sort of thing on a Mac are these:

netstat -anv | awk 'NR<=2{print};/LISTEN/'     
sudo lsof -nP -i:80,443 | awk 'NR<=1{print};/LISTEN/'

The first one giving you a view of all TCP connections regardless of the port, and the second showing all things listening on ports 80 and 443 (HTTP and HTTPS). You could replace the awk part with grep, but I like using awk to print out the headers of each of those columns.

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