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There is an issue between sections. There are lines between sections and this is also above the footer too. I tried fixing it in various ways. I can’t fix it even with Elementor page builder.
Please, anyone, help me to fix this issue. Is this an issue with the platform? I can’t understand
Please. I am building this for clients. Please reply to me as soon as possible.

Hi Crima,

This might not be a local related issue.

Depending on how you created the header it might also not be an elementor issue.

Things you can check/ try:

  1. make sure your header is 100% width with no margin. If the header/ menu/ navigation was done without elementor, you might find the culprit there.

  2. If you created the header with elementor, you might want to check the layout tab and the advanced tab. You want full width and no margin!

  3. Steps you can always try if things don’t work as they should are
    a) clean your cache
    b) Go to Elementor ->Tools → regenerate CSS & data. Click the button Regenerate Files and Data
    c) Deactivate all plugins except Elementor. If that solves the problem, activate them one at a time.
    d) deactivate all experimental features in Elementor by going to Elementor → settings-> Experiments (note that if you use flexboxes, don’t deactivate those!)
    e) Go to Elementor → Tools → enable Safe Mode

Needlessly to say not to do all at once. To find the culprit alway try one thing at a time.

Good luck!


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