"This site can’t be reached" after login screen

The Admin button links to the custom login page we created for our intranet site. When I sign in, the page then says “This Site Can’t be reached”.

I am using the preferred 1.3.2 environmet with the 5.0.4 wordpress.

Hi @circadesign,

Sorry for the trouble!

Can you please try the following?

  1. Go to Preferences » Advanced
  2. Toggle Faster Docker Volumes on or off (opposite of current state)

If that doesn’t work, would you send your log files? Here’s how to do that:

  1. Go to Help in the menu bar
  2. Click Reveal Local Router’s Log
  3. Attach it to a message


I’m attaching it here!



error.log (49.8 KB)

That did not work by the way. I attached the log to the last email I sent. Thanks!