Transferring reviews from live site I want replace with another site I am building

Hi I am building a website using the Kubio plug In editor. I have a live site I want to replace with this site
I am building. My question is there a quick and easy way to get my Google reviews onto the site I am wanting to replace it with?

Hi @TMP2212

How are the Google reviews embedded on the live site? Is this using some type of plugin or Google service? Do they get updated automatically using some type of request or do you update them?

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Hey Nick I’m not sure.I had a guy build it for my pest control business.I have since been taking some Wordpress Courses on Udemy so I’m still a rookie by far.I think he built it out with Dreamweaver.My deal is I don’t think this is all he does,so I have to wait on him to make edits to my website.I want to learn to manage my site myself this is the reason for trying to learn all this myself.I don’t know any code.Is there certain courses I could take online that could speed up my learning?..…I can most likely find out how he set all that up.

Hi @TMP2212

Kudos to you for diving in and wanting to learn more! There are a lot of great resources out there like WPBeginner that could be useful as well. @sambrockway might have some others to share.

Something you could do that might be helpful for learning and testing is download a backup of your live site, or use a free plugin like WP Migrate Lite to create a full site export, and then bring that down into Local as another site. That way you can easily compare things with the new site you’re building and tinker around with the copy of your live site without worrying about breaking anything since it will essentially just be your Local clone.

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Oh yes that sounds cool.So let me ask this.Could I export live site and manage it with Wordpress?

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I’m not really sure what you’re asking here so feel free to clarify a bit if I’m off base.

Exporting the site would essentially just be making a sandbox copy of it. Your live site would still function “as is”. So if you import a copy of the site into Local and make changes to it none of that will be impacting the live site unless you re-migrated the site back up.

Local is not a host, just a development tool. So you’d still need to have the live site hosted somewhere to keep it going.

I got you.Yes eventually I will want to re- migrate it or the one I built.I just want to have full control over either or site I choose to be live.I guess I’m asking how point my domain to one or the other and be able to make changes and edits.Want to learn how to be my own Agency if that makes sense.To be frank this tech stuff has a way of flying over my head.But that’s the problem I don’t like to admit I don’t get it sometimes.I just need a push in the right direction cause I’m not a quitter

Where is the live site hosted now? Do you plan to keep it there or move it to another host? Those are questions you’ll want to answer.

DNS will be managed with your domain registrar, which is separate from your hosting most likely. So you’ll need to figure how to access and manage that as well. If you set up your site on a new host, you’ll have to access that to point your DNS to them.

So in order to be your own “Agency” you’ll need to set up your own account/subscription with a WordPress Web Host (WP Engine and Flywheel for example, but there are a ton of options out there). Then you’ll want to make sure you also have your own account/subscription with your domain registrar for your domain ownership and DNS settings.

I’m not real sure where he is hosting it.I bought the domain with Google but my understanding is it’s with Square Space now or will be. I tried to transfer it but ran into problems with that so left it alone for the time being.

Is there a Cloudflare?

Yes, there is a Cloudflare.

Im pretty sure that’s where the guy that built it for me hosted it.

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If he did and still has access you’ll want to see if he can get you added as an account member. Y’all might have to contact Cloudflare support if you’re having issues but if you can verify billing info I’m sure they would be able to assist: