Uh-Oh! Could not start Live Link

Every time I activate the Live Links of a specific site that I have installed in my local-wp this error appears on the screen and the live link is not activated. The times the site is activated it does not display correctly, it does not load the styles, it gives me the impression that it is starting to load, the live linl is disconnected and it loads half.
This is the error message
Pantalla de error

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I have the same problem

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Hey @acaballerop9102 Thanks for that screenshot. A 500 error usually means that there’s something wrong with a server.

In order to have a better idea of what’s going on with Local, can you please answer a few questions:

  • Is this site a clone, or in some way associated with another site in Local?
  • What version of Local are you using?
  • What Operating System and OS version is being used?
  • Can you please provide your Local Log? See this Community Forum post for instructions on how to do so:
  • Does this happen for all sites in Local, or just one?
  • Are you able to create a new, plain WordPress site?

Ahh, whoops! I was working through some other topics and I realized that this was a bug that was discovered a while ago:

@acaballerop9102 – you should be able to work around this by either:

  1. Have only one site running at a time
  2. Instead of “Cloning” the site, Export it to a zip file and then Import it as a new site.

Let me know if that helps! Also, feel free to upvote the linked bug as well as follow it to stay current on any updates!

Hello Ben, it seems to be working just fine while running just one site at a time, maybe a bit slow and not entirely correct (image not always loading) but that’s not my biggest problem. About clonning the site, i’m not sure if that’s what i did, let me explpain myself. I created a new site as normally as I always do, and import other the new site throught wp all import plugin, the other site was a normal online site, maybe is that what you mean with Cloning the site. In any case, i dont know how t import a .zip site into Local WP, maybe you can also help me with that to.

As long as the zip has a database dump (ie, a .sql file) along with the wp-content folder, Local should be able to figure things out!

Just drag and drop the zip onto Local and it will start the import process!


I have the same issue. I only have one site so the issue doesn’t come from having several sites running at once.
I also tried cloning the website and importing it (drag and drop) but I have the same message.

I’m using the latest version on Windows 10 by the way.

Can anyone figure this one out?

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