“Uh-oh! Unable to provision site!” Error | Windows 11

Hello, I searched but couldn’t find solution here…I cannot create new site, I have an error message (attached), My PC is under Windows 11
Thanks a lot for your help


Hi @reclametonsite

It looks like this error may be due to a special character in your Windows username.

Can you try creating and using a user directory without extended characters?


Thanks Nick, I create a new file but I have another message error…

This should help!

thanks, I have been able to do the 1. but concerning the 2. I have Windows defender firewall so…
I tried again and now I have new error message

That error is still calling out special characters in the username so it doesn’t look like that was changed.

no I can’t change it because it will affect all the files on my PC (windows adive) so as I said earlier I create a nex file in Users called reclametonsite and I gave the admin control on this file, I don’t understand why it is still searching file or msql on Aurélie molins users, as I install local on reclameton site

Thanks a lot Nick B for your quick help, I contact Microsoft and I create a new name without special character and it works fine ! thnaks


No problem @reclametonsite! Glad you got it sorted. Happy Developing :green_heart:

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