Uh-oh! Unable to provision site. ERROR

I installed the Local and I can’t create any site because I get the following error.

Does anyone who has had the same problem know how to solve it?

I’ve never seen that specific error before:

mysql unable to create temporary file; errno: 2

When I googled for that error, I found this StackOverflow answer:

AFAIK System error: 2 = No such file or directory.

Check that the directory exist, that mysql has permission to write to it and that there enough space left on the disk.


That makes me wonder if there’s some sort of permissions issue on the folder where Local keeps the WordPress site’s data.

It’s seems unclear which temporary file MySQL is unable to create. Can you try creating a new site again, and when you encounter that error, keep it open.

With the error still showing, open a file explorer and navigate to where the site was created and into the logs folder. Share with us the contents of the logs/mysql/error.log which I think will have more details about what MySQL is trying to do.

Hi @ben.turner

I located where the site was created. but the log folder that appears is empty.

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