Unable to access WP Admin

Bug Summary

I have been working on a website, for several weeks, with Local on WordPress. And since last night it’s asking me to connect to WordPress for the first time. But that I can’t connect.

Steps to reproduce

Before this bug, I generated an SSL certificate on Lets Encrypt SSL. Since then, when I click on “WP Admin” it asks me to log into WordPress, but I don’t seem to have created an account.
I looked in my “Local Sites” folder and I saw that in the “App” folder there are 3 folders created the day the bug happened (see pictures). Inside there is an SSL folder containing two folders: “Keys” and “certs”. They are both empty.
Furthermore, in the “log” folder there is an error file (see picture)

Environment Info

-Site domaine : bulle-du-bienetre.local
-SSL : bulle-du-bienetre.local.crt

Web servor : nginx
PHP version : 7.4.1
Databse : MySQL 8.0.16
WordPress version 6.0.2

Supporting info

capture folder app ssl
folder app ssl 2
local-lightning.log (25.7 KB)

Hello @Leam - welcome to the Local community!

Have you tried resetting the administrator password for the site?

That may help you log in again!

Let me know,


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