Unable to cancel download/update of new version if connection lost during the process

If you are updating Local and lose internet connection during the process, the download will not continue and it will no longer allow you to click the “cancel” or “x” on mac Catalina.

And also since the modal is focused, you cannot interact with the main window either.


That’s definitely an odd edge-case - thanks for helping us zero in on it!

Were you able to work around it by doing something like a “Force Quit” on Local, or even restarting the computer?

Yeah sadly, I had to force quit. I tried pressing the escape key as well, tried moving the top window around, but could not seem to get any sort of interactivity to close or any of the top minimize, close, maximize options. I could also hear an audible “ding” like the window was locked/unable to be clicked.

Once I force quit and restarted local, everything was fine again, I was prompted to update and everything went smoothly.

Thanks for those additional details and I’m glad there’s a workaround. I’ll get something in our bug tracker so that the team can take a look!

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