Unable to edit with Avada editor on Local WP by Flywheel

I have a problem related to changes on Avada. I’ll explain in more detail:

I’m working locally on Local WP by Flywheel and every time I make a change on the Avada live edit, on the Avada editor, on the Avada options, the browser no longer reloads the site, as if there was a loop or a infinite redirect on it, not allowing me to view the site correctly.

Hi @lorenzoviani

When you’re editing if you open the Dev console do you see any errors or messages in there?

You could check out our performance guide below if you believe the issue is related to something like resources or a timeout:

I took this after the change I made.

If by Dev Tool you mean this tool, there would seem to be no problems, as reported by the same.

So what happens after you make an edit? Does the page just go blank or does it ever spit out an error? Does it just spin endlessly? Feel free to share any other screenshots or a short video of the behavior. This doesn’t really sound like an issue with Local per se but we’ll be glad to help if we can!

It spins endlessly

But now it seems to be working.

The problem is that it takes a long time before you hear the change and I noticed that upon a second change the problem that I left you in the screenshot appears.

Glad it seems to be working now! To help with troubleshooting further, something else you could try is using a debug tool like Query Monitor to see if there are any hang ups that can be addressed.

Debugging your WordPress site using Query Monitor

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