Unable to import site - during search and replace of hostname phase

Issue Summary

On importing a backup from an existing site (hosted at Wordpress.com), I get “Uh-oh! Unable to Import Site” during the wp-cli phase where it’s searching and replacing the online URL with the local one.

The error is “Error: there has been a critical error on this website. Learn more about troubleshooting WordPress.”

Troubleshooting Questions

Making a local site works fine. Note that this is a large site (50k+ files, mostly media files).


Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 5.48.08 PM

System Details

  • This is Local 6.0.0+5444

  • What Operating System (OS) and OS version is being used?
    MacOS Mojave

local-lightning.log (43.3 KB)

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