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Unable to import site error

I’m trying to drag and drop a backup .zip file of my Wordpress site. The backup was a gzip which Flywheel doesn’t like so I unpacked it and re-compressed into a zip file. When I try to import I get a long error

Unable to import site

Applications/Local.app/Contents/Resources/…Error: Error establishing a database connection.

Thoughts on how to fix this?


Hi @dennison3

Thanks for trying out the Lightning beta!

Can you provide the local-lightning.log file? The steps here are still relevant: How do I retrieve Local's log file? . Just pretend it says local-lightning.log and not local-by-flywheel.log :slight_smile:

ok Clay, log file attached…

local-lightning.log (47.5 KB)

Thanks for the log file! There are some interesting tidbits in it.

Are you able to create a brand-new site in Local?

Yes I was able to create an empty site without error.

Clay - any more insight on this?

Hi @dennison3,

Thanks for following up. Can you please e-mail me the zip you’re having trouble importing to clay@getflywheel.com?

Its 4gig, I cant send that via email anything else I can try?

I’m OK with any method that works for you (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc).

Also, just a reminder that your e-mail replies are going to a public forum so be sure to send the archive directly to clay@getflywheel.com.