Unable to re-connect to WP Engine

Ah nice! We probably should put together a more formal doc of all the remote URLs that Local reaches out to for situations like this. I think these are the main urls that you’d want to whitelist, but I’d be curious if I missed something:

  • https://hub.localwp.com
    • Connects the Local Desktop app to the Local Web account. Certain Web-focused features require Local Web to do things on the Desktop app’s behalf. For example, the Backups Addon or Live Links feature.
  • https://api.wpengineapi.com/
    • To use Connect to WP Engine, the Local desktop app needs to generate and upload a key to WPE.
  • https://app.getflywheel.com
    • Powers the Connect to Flywheel functionality.
  • https://cdn.localwp.com/
    • Local Desktop is bundled with preferred services (php/mysql/nginx), but will reach out to this domain to download additional services as you select them.

Let us know if that gets you going on your work computer or if you run into other issues!