Updated To 2.2.3, Now Clocking Trying To Start The VM

Hello Support,

I have previously contacted support with the following message, but had a sales call with Flywheel today and was asked to post this here (note: I did not see any previous posts with the exact same problem):

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So, I have my first client that I was planning on putting on Flywheel.

I opened Local which was running great on 2.2.2 (if I recall correctly), then looked to see that an update was available. I manually downloaded and installed - - It installs, opens itself and clocks and clocks and clocks while “starting the virtual machine”.

I uninstalled, downloaded 2.2.3 again for fun and got the exact same thing.

What is the current suggested plan of action?

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OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299

Thanks in advance for any help,


I just went to try Opening Local again - and it opened successfully - rather quickly. The first site I “started” and viewed took a year and a day to open in the browser, but after that all sites seem to open and close faster than I have ever experienced. Note I have not used the Local app in production - just testing while deciding if I want to start using Flywheel.

I FORGOT I had a strange freezing issue develop (long enough after updating to 2.2.3 that I didn’t draw a correlation, but it resulted in deciding to reinstall Windows - - Now Local appears to work, but upon close I get this error: