Uploading the local zip file to another hosting service

I am now using the get.flywheel software to create a website. Once it is completed do I have to use the flywheel hosting service or can I use the wordpress files I create with any hosting company I choose?

I will probably use flywheel’s hosting service but I would be grateful if you can advise me I am restricted to using the flywheel platform with any website I create?

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I have the same question.
I have uploaded zip file made with Localwp, following video instructions on Locakl here , but my wp site is invisible !
If I click on Wp folder, as it is shown on screenshot included, page opened is total empty.
Screenshot 2020-10-13 at 19.04.54|690x216

It’s easier to use Local Connect to deploy to either Flywheel or WP Engine hosting, but if you are hosting somewhere else, you should be able to deploy there as well, it will just be more difficult and manual.

Since each remote hosting provider is different, there isn’t one “right way” of doing it. In many cases, using a plugin will make this easier and I think this answer in the forums is good and has general info that works in most cases:

The whole thread is useful too, so you might give that a read and see if it helps @veramali!